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12 inch wingspan

7 inch depth

1 lb weight

S-glass: $399.00US FREE shipping World-Wide
Carbon: $460.00US FREE shipping World-Wide
Quantity discounts. Contact us to order.

minifoils for surfboards

Minifoil is a good alternative to full size hydrofoil:

-Low cost

- Easy to use

- Safe

- It does not lift you out of water

- You look better on a board with minifoil because you accelerate faster, stay on plane longer, handle board easy

- You look better while standing on the beach with a minifoil on your short boards

- No need a long board for small waves. Short board with this minifoil will do as good as a long board when waves are small.

How it works:

The foil generates lift. It is like you just lost 20-50 lbs. Think about how good could you surf after loosing 60 lbs. Your board does not know that you are still heavy because the foil removes a significant part of your weight from the board.